Dimitris Mamakos was born in Athens in October 74'. In 1999 he graduated from the Math department of the University of Athens and in January of the following year, he ventures into the world of marketing. He resides in March 2009, at the pick of his career. He was now free to fulfill his passion for traveling and doubt even the most fundamental principals. In October of the same year, he travels to Kathmandu with a one way ticket. From the there, he roams in India and Nepal for months. With no plan..
In February of 2012, the journal of his wanderings is published in Greek, under the title "nomadikon:road journal". It was a self publication which served one Cause, that Dimitris is summering in "the review of egocentric principles underlying our Idea of the world". In the time that follows, Dimitris is hosted in radio shows, culture events, print media and talks about an Idea that is supported by the project of Shared Prosperity and the Movement of Social Business.
Four months later the first edition of "nomadikon" is sold out and goes again for printing (June 2012). The same month, Dimitris makes an open call over the web for volunteers, for the translation of the book which is almost complete by the 16 people who undertook the project. Within the year, it will be released in English. Another journey has begun.


""... We have been brought up believing this Way is godsend; this path of development, comfort and plenty. And I -among many others- believe that the time has come to challenge it; aiming to renew it. It is so indicated by the increasingly depressed and angry –with that Way- planet, but also by the billions of victims of globalized injustice, who are victims of the same Way. Our own communities, that in recent decades have more and more the need of psychologists and psychiatrists, show us the same. "
Excerpt from the interview for Diabazoume.gr/
translated be The Community of "nomadikon: road journal"
The entire (translated in English) interview will soon be available, here
""... I think that if it continues -and not be stopped by a random event or by our own greed- the evolution of our species, in the future will occur cultures formed more and more based on elements of spirit and less-by-less by elements of material. There will be cultures where military events will belong strictly to the realm of historical, retrospective analysis and literature. Unless halting progress, that is where it will result. In this vision converge all mental projections of the distant future, which, some "biological tricks" perhaps, embodied them in the past. I refer to the situations of Buddha, Christ, etc. ..."
excerpt from the interview for ideostato.gr
(translated be The Community of "nomadikon: road journal")
The entire translated interview will soon be available, here
The whole speech here.
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