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a... Publication with a cause (account of the 1st year)

"nomadikon" was published for the times in February of 2012. At the time, it was a risky self publication attempt of a debut author. Today, a year later, the risky attempt has already showed the first signs of success:

  • The 3rd edition will be on print within the year, of 2.000 copies in total.
  • Donation to our "cause" from the sales of the book , come to 1.756,00 USD to date (February 13').
  • The content and message of our cause has been heard to a few thousand people.
    Our official web-site had more than 5.500 unique visitors and the relay of the message for "Shared Prosperity" has an impact on an ever growing audience.
  • The concept of Publication with a cause has already served as an example to follow, within the field of the social industry - which was one of our primary goals.
    "Free Thinking Zone" publications, released "Za Za" last November, which as we were informed, was inspired from our example and decided to donate part of their sales to the international organization LOVE 146 as well as the KEAN network for their efforts against abuse and trafficking of women and even more, children.
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  • The translating project:
    a piece of collective work

    In February 2012, Dimitris makes an open call over the web for volunteers to undertake the translation project of the book from Greek to English. Today, the translation is almost done and it is a a whole, collective work from all those who decided to get on board.
    The entire text of the book, was devided into 19 sixteen page sections and was translated as such:

  • Εν. 1: Aspelina Spanou
  • Εν. 2: John Papadopoulos
  • Εν. 3: Fani Papoulia
  • Εν. 4: John Papadopoulos & Sporidou Katerina
  • Εν. 5: Theodoris Panagiotou
  • Εν. 6: Vasilis Stathopoulos
  • Εν. 7: Alexandros Stratakis
  • Εν. 8: Elina Anthopoulou
  • Εν. 9: Giorgos Theodosakis
  • Εν. 10: Thanos Balfousias
  • Εν. 11: John Papadopoulos
  • Εν. 12: Ioanna Sarri
  • Εν. 13: Mihalis Koulouridis
  • Εν. 14: Milena Zafiropoulou
  • Εν. 15: Tatiani Xifara & Dimitris Mamakos
  • Εν. 16: Tina Blazoudaki
  • Εν. 17: Anna Argyratou
  • Εν. 18: Giorgos Sapounakis
  • Εν. 19: John Papadopoulos
    • Chapters

    • 01. Take off
    • 02. City of the lake
    • 03. Under the shadow of the world's picks
    • 04. The land of healing
    • 05. Even a litle is enough
    • 06. Journey within the journey
    • 07. Cristmas on the other side
    • 08. Followers of the sun
    • 09. City of victory
    • 10. The suspension
    • 11. The landing
    • 12. Final page
    • 13. Maps and manuscripts


    Efi Ekmetzoglou
    Eli Souti
    Cover deisgn
    Elpida Chatzikonstandi
    Cover editing
  • Printing
  • Binding
  • John Papadopoulos
  • Maps
  • Web-site
  • A big thanks to all of you who from the first moment believed and passed on the ideas that we relay and to all of you who decided to give some of your time and knowledge for publishing this book beyond the Greek borders. Without you, none of the above would be possible Under no circumstance, we imagined of such a response, a year ago when the call was made.
    Thank you all.

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    "I started readin nomadikon one night and if you exclude the few mandatory hours of sleep, I left it 352 pages later, where the last page is."

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