From the mountain paths of the Himalayas.. the medieval towns of Kathmandu..
..from the exotic beaches of Southern India.. the agro villages of Terai.. the streets of Calcutta.. the jungle of Karnataka.

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Nomadikon: road diary

A book by Dimitris Mamakos

This is the story of a man who left behind the city, a career and his beloved to search for life. The recording of his route from the trails of the Himalayas to the medieval towns of Kathmandu. From the exotic beaches of the Indian south to the mountainous villages of Tamil Nadu. In the agro-villages of Terai and the streets of Kolkata. In the jungles of Karnataka. This is the time acquaintance of a "homo urbanus" with the street culture and the way of the travelers; the spirituality of the East; the sober observation. The attempt to capture the emotions of his timeless wanderings -his first course without a predetermined purpose. The recording of the route between the experience of the absolute stalemate and the autopsy of the infinity of alternatives. The length of an ever-present internal process, an intellectual adventure correlation, which is targeting selfishness and ultimately changes the world ... The way he sees it…


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Dimitris Mamakos was born in Athens in October 74'. In 1999 he graduated from the Math department of the University of Athens and in January of the following year, he ventures into the world of marketing. He resides in March 2009, at the pick of his career. He was now free to fulfill his passion for traveling and doubt even the most fundamental principals. In October of the same year, he travels to Kathmandu with a one way ticket. From the there, he roams in India and Nepal for months. With no plan..


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